Healing Sessions

True, deep relaxation allowing the bodies’ healing system to work for you.

Before healing others, heal yourself

Lao Tzu

Healing Sessions

I am a qualified Reiki Teacher with over 20 years of qualified experience. These healing sessions are a combination of my Reiki, Trance Healing and Intuitive channeling of energy modalities.
These sessions can help to create true deep relaxation which then may allow the bodies own healing system to be able to work for you in a more productive way. Although these sessions have created many positive responses for many individuals, no guarantee’s will be made to the outcome of your sessions however positive responses are very often felt during and after the sessions.

Healing Sessions or the running of energy and light are not to be used as an alternative to any form of prescribed medication. They can however be used as a part of your own wellbeing care.
They are not a way to receive messages of diagnosis or a guarantee of any cure.

Healing Session “Allow your Inner light to shine.”

True, Deep Relaxation to allow the bodies own healing system to work more productive for you using a combination of Reiki, Trance Healing and Intuitive Channeling of energy Modalities.


Reiki £35   Entrancement Healing £40

NOTE: Please check calendar page for venues and availability.

Distant Healings

Requests for distant healings are accepted.

Requests for distant healings are accepted. Distant healings are at a suggested donation of £7,50 for 15 minutesPlease request and book your session/s via email via the contact page. £5 pounds from each distant healing will then be directly donated to my chosen charity.

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