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Personal Readings and Channelings

What you can expect from a personal one-on-one session:

I will initially connect to the energy of your loved ones, guides, family or friends and bring through recognisable information to provide the evidence of a connection from your spirit family.

After the link with the spirit world and evidential evidence has been provided the session can then be opened to questions from yourself.
Although many of us would love to hear from that special someone during these sessions ,it is those at home in the spiritual realms that have the priority of who comes forward, and the message of spiritual guidance or evidence that is for you at this time.
So it is suggested that you keep an open mind as to who may bring your messages through to you prior to the session.

Price for Readings and Spiritual Coaching Sessions

Face to Face: £40 for up to 1 hour £25 pounds for 30 minutes

Readings and Spiritual Coaching Sessions via Skype: £35 pounds for up to 1 hour £20 for 30 Minutes.

For appointments via skype appointments must be booked and paid for in advance. Please email for availability to:

Payment is accepted by Pay Pal or by Bank Transfer. Currency conversions are available on request should you wish to pay in your local currency. For face to face readings and availability please check the calendar page for venues and dates.

Note: Your personal sessions are given in good faith and from the heart. You are invited to use the information for your own guidance as you feel is appropriate.
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– All prices are including VAT/BTW.

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