Peace in Your Heart Creates Peace within your Soul

Lao Tzu

Workshops & Courses

Listed here are the current workshops and courses I have to offer. They are all listed as a separate event however you can choose any combination of these day courses to create your own tailor made spiritual single or multi day event. Costs of these courses will be available on request as travel, accommodation and venue cost will be taken into account on each individual request. Workshops and courses currently being held at my practice and previously organised events can be found in the Calendar.

Reiki Courses

Reiki 1

Your introduction to Reiki which allows you to practice on yourself and family.

Reiki 2

This is a practitioner level where homework prior to receiving your certificate to practice is required.

Reiki 3

This is a One-on-one course only and no group workshops for Reiki 3 will be taught.

Development and Awareness Workshops

Looking After Your Own Energy

A day of looking at what affects your own energy system, what you can do to protect it raise your own vibrations, grounding releasing and letting go techniques. This is a day of both theory and practical exercises that you can take away and use on a daily basis.

Meeting and Working with your Spirit Guides

A day of understanding the different guides you have that surround you their specific tasks, recognising when they are around or have visit you.  During the day you will be guided in connecting in to your various guides energy, getting to know who they are, and to recognise their own unique calling signs. You will also learn how to protect, invite and release these energies in a responsible and respectful way.

Intuitive Healing

A day consisting of various techniques to develop and enhance your own natural or trained modality natural healing Techniques.

A selection of current workshops:

Details of further workshops and courses being held are available on the calendar page

Developing Your Psychic Abilities

A day of learning to read auras, practicing pyschometry, reading photographs and working with colour and working with a pendulum.

Crystal Awareness

This is currently a half day event. This day that has been especially for those that are beginning their journey with crystals and minerals. The day will cover choosing your crystals, cleansing them, various ways they can be used,   the making  of crystal elixers and  general care of your new crystal friends.

The Ascended Master Workshop

We are allocated a specific Ascended Master as part of our journey and experience in the physical world.  On this day  along with theoretical discussions  deep guided meditations and channelings we will connect in to the colour ray we are walking upon in this life and the reasons why, the Ascended Master energy we are connected with in this life time, and taking a spiritual journey to their individual light temple to receive subtle and conscious downloads to help us on our current  physical life path.

Be who you truly are, not how others think you should be.