David Tyrrell the messenger & spirit Facilitator

International Medium and Teacher

About David Tyrrell


David Tyrrell is a natural spiritual medium with over 25 years of professional working experience. David Tyrrell the messenger & spirit facilitator is guided to work with individuals and groups. He works through channeling, running energy and individual spiritual guidance. Especially relevant: the focus and aims are on self-empowerment, realisation of your inner power, helping to develop natural abilities, so that everyone of us can shine our true light throughout the world.

**In doing so I have been given the wonderful opportunity to create a base to work from on a regular basis at the Heart Centre 235 High Street in Kirkcaldy: www.heart-centre.co.uk. This will enable me to offer support on a regular basis to clients if required.
To book a Reading, Spiritual Coaching Session, Reiki, Entrancement Healing or any workshop or course at the Heart Centre Kirkcaldy please. Telephone: +441592328280*8



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Personal Readings & Channelings

I will initially connect to the energy of your loved ones. I also bring through recognisable information to provide evidence of a connection.

Healing Sessions

True, deep relaxation allowing the bodies own healing system to work for you.


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Workshops & Courses

Personal and spiritual development courses for groups and venues.


Public demonstration of mediumship, inspirational words and a demonstration of my trance healing technique.

You are not a physical being having a spiritual experience, you are a spiritual being having a physical experience