David Tyrrell – The Messenger

Hey! I am David Tyrrell and I have been a professional medium for over 25 years. My work as a facilitator for the world of spirit has taken me across mainland Europe, the UK and on occasions further afield.

As long as I can remember I have always been sensitive to the world of spirit with memories of the connection to spiritual energies as a young child.

The beginning

Born in Hertfordshire in England in 1955, I had a regular upbringing in life. During my early years i suffered badly with various health conditions.But i always found the strength from somewhere to deal with the very difficult situations these conditions bought with them.

However it wasn’t until i experienced a period of being homeless while in Scotland that I become more acutely aware of spirit and it’s support being given.

New direction

Eventually i was guided to receive a reading from a medium in Aberdeen Scotland. He accurately explained what was going on and why I was being guided in using this natural gift that had been waiting for the right moment to be used.

From this reading I was invited to join a closed development circle, where, with the guidance of two strong but wonderful teachers began his work as a spiritual medium.

Reiki then came upon my pathway for my own healing, which then lead to mt to becoming a teacher in this healing modality.

Making a difference

I then started organising my own development circles with greater guidance from the world of spirit.

From Aberdeen I relocated to Edinburgh where my development continued to grow. Eventually my work and life took me to the Netherlands in 2008. In October 2016 my life and work back to Fife in Scotland.

I am Now based in Lower Largo Fife Scotland.

This relocation will not affect my current or future work in the many other countries I have the pleasure to visit, as I will continue to work wherever I am invited to go or be drawn too.

Over the years my work has continued to develop to include various workshops and courses.

However I am guided to work with individuals and groups, through channeling, running energy or individual spiritual guidance. First of all the focus and aims are on self-empowerment. Secondly the focus and aims are on the realisation of your inner power. Third of all the focus and aims are on helping to develop natural abilities, so that everyone of us can shine our true light throughout the world.
In addition my aim is also to continue to provided evidence of the continuation of life after our physical experiences in this life are completed.

Remember you are a spiritual being having a physical experience, not a physical being having a spiritual experience.

Freedom from Fear is True Freedom

Lao Tzu

Shine your true light throughout the world

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