August 30, 2018 @ 11:30 am – January 1, 2020 @ 12:30 pm Europe/London Timezone
sacred space
Lower Largo
Leven KY8
David Tyrrell

As from the 1st September  all therapies and channelling sessions will be returning to £35 per session at my sacred space in Lower Largo Fife after the summer celebratory energy exchange comes to an end at the end of August

There is no set time for individual sessions as it will be the energy that guides the earth time for the work required but please leave around 1 hour per appointment or though this may vary either side of this time.

This will be for Universoul channellings, spiritual advice sessions  both also available via video link , soul reflexology, Master healing sessions and Reiki.
Reiki includes a free intuitively chosen combination Findhorn flower essence to take with you while current stocks last. Valid as from 1/109/2018

Payment to be paid at the time of booking by pay Pal secure or bank transfer .
With the above changes I will be revamping my web site over the next couple of months. So Please check all details on work schedules and availability etc via the Calendar page The changes will take a little while as my own tech knowledge is limited

1-1 Universoul Channelling Sessions

These intuitively guided and channelled sessions, focuses on bringing you guidance for both your spiritual and personal pathway, allowing a greater voice for the universe and its master energies along with your other loved ones in the realms of spirit, to give you greater and inner guidance. Energy Exchange £35
Available in person or via skype or messenger video link.

1-1 Energy Healing Sessions with the Master Energies 
Master energy healings assist in the healing and dissolving of energetic blockages that may be creating an obstacle to your spiritual and or personal ascension journey. The energy will be channelled through intuitive work both on the physical self as well as the etheric and auric fields including bringing through the energy of light language for the healing and ascension of the soul.

The Master energy required to assist in your energy healing session will be intuitively tuned into and invoked prior to your arrival for your appointment, and connect to prior to you arriving to assist in your healing session 
Energy Exchange £35

Full Distant master energy healing sessions also available on request

Soul Energy Reflexology Sessions

This reflexology practice has been developed from the practice of the Essense’s, where the soul was as important as the physical which is part of this practice. 
The session includes a foot bath with pink Himalayan Salts, a hand reflexology session followed by the foot reflexology session. This includes the addition of applying a specially produced massage oil of Rose and Spikenard essential oils. Rose is for the love and protection energy and Spikenard was the oil used for blessing and anointing in the time of the Essene’s.

Energy Exchange £35

Traditional Usui Reiki For Relaxation

Give your mind body and soul the time to truly relax and allow the body to recover from the stresses of the every day issues that affect our own wellbeing. 
Reiki Sessions will also include a free combination Findhorn Flower Essence worth £10.50 as part of your session. Intuitively chosen after your session.
valid from 1/09/2018 while current stock of essences last. 
Distant healing sessions available on request .

Energy Exchange £35

1-1 person mentoring session

This are a space to discuss, receive guidance and support on your spiritual awakening and pathway. you will be supported by my 25 years of professional work and development in this work as well as my intuitive and spiritual guidance 

These can be held face to face at my practice in lower largo Fife Scotland or via video link of Skye of facebook messenger video link. 

Sessions are £50 for u to 1 hour or you can purchase three sessions for a one off payment of £125