Your Words are Light so let Them Shine

Lao Tzu

Personal Readings and Channelings


Personal Mentoring Sessions
During these sessions I pull on the 30 years of my professional experience as well as connecting to my strong intuitive links to help guide and support you on your spiritual awakening and pathway.
Sessions are £45 for up to a 1 hours sessions or you can book three sessions for a one off payment of £125

Both Readings and Coaching sessions can be booked for my Sacred Space in Lower Largo Fife Scotland as well as Via Skype and facebook messenger Video links.

Note: Your personal sessions are given in good faith and from the heart. You are invited to use the information for your own guidance as you feel is appropriate.
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Guided Journeys
by David Tyrrell


Spoken visualisations by David Tyrrell with music from Brans Cauldron to assist in meditative journeys working with energy. Download or purchase a copy of my CD Guided Journeys using the button below.

Your Words are Light so Make them Shine