After 8 amazing years based in the Netherlands I find myself being relocated to Scotland.

A place where so much of this life/work began.

I never thought I would return to Scotland so I have learnt to never to say never.

However I do not regret in anyway shape or form my return to beautiful Scotland, but there will be so much I will miss from living in The Netherlands and on mainland Europe.

During the past 8 years of being in The Netherlands I have been given so many wonderful opportunities, met very many amazing people along with some true Earth Angels arriving on my path.

The path was not always the easiest at times, but, with the support of so many people, as well as those in spirit giving me the guidance and energy in any which way they could here I stand Ready for the next chapter in my life and work.

I have also learnt so much about myself and my work that has resulted in both personal growth as well as development within my work.

Many of you will know my dream for a practice space and shop well after maybe ten years it happened, so if you have a dream never lose sight of it because it will happen at the right time and in the right place.

Being based in Scotland as from October 2016, will not affect my ability and acceptance to continue traveling and working in places both far and near.

The letting go of my dream, a shop and practice has been difficult on many levels. However sometimes we have to lose or let go of things that we hold precious, or dear to us so that we can move forward on our pathways.

Sometimes we are forced or encouraged strongly by outside forces beyond our own control to make decisions that help us on our journey, these events can sometimes feel very painful to us at the time.

However when we look back on what has occurred we see why these things have needed to happen.

So a lesson in going with the flow, and, not to fight and create too much resistance which then makes the changes a little easier to manage and accept.

My connection with the Netherlands will remain, on both, a personal and emotional level , and although I may not be around as much as before I will be back and you will be in my thoughts for so many reasons.

I look forward to the new chapter with anticipation, nervousness and excitement.

I step forward with trust with the new opportunities I have been invited to partake in and the new places I will be travelling to, as well as those I will be returning to.

Saying goodbye is not an easy thing for me to do at the best of times as goodbye always seems so final. So I say until the next time we meet as you never know when paths will cross again or even where. And to those who I have yet to meet, thank you in advance as you are all part of my wonderful journey and personal development in this life.

– David Tyrrell