David Tyrrell the MessengerTo friends old and new.

After many changes and developments with my work, I felt it was time to reflect this in a new and updated website.

Many people knowingly, and unknowingly have contributed to the new updated and hopefully an improved user friendly site which has also been adapted to be viewed easily on your mobile devices as well.

I also plan a regular blog which will reflect on the inspiration received and work carried out during the previous month. This may on some occasions include with prior permission photographs of the venue or event in progress.

In turn I hope this additional information will also give you an increased awareness of my work and share some of the energy of these events.

As my work and the travel associated with it is steadily increasing contact personally via phone may also become increasingly restricted. I apologize in advance if you experience any difficulty in contacting me this way , however I always will try to remain personally available whenever possible.

On this site is a direct contact form should you have difficulty in reaching me directly by phone. I will then aim to answer your inquiries within 48 hours. Should I be on a vacation period this will be shown on my schedule page.

I have also renewed my email address and any previous email address you may have will be directed automatically to my new mail address.

With this new website I hope that it reaches everyone, past, present and future that has been and still to be a part of my  < spiritual>  journey.

Thank you all

– David Tyrrell